How to avoid a listview flickering?

Giovanni Montrone wrote in his Code Project article that the best way to avoid listview flicking is forcing it to use DoubleBuffer. He provides a new listview control that inherits from the classic one and adds a new method called SetExStyles() which allows setting the extended styles of the listview.
But I found a comment from Gabriel Szabo explaining how to have the same result without sub classing any control, but using Reflection :

PropertyInfo aProp = typeof(ListView).GetProperty("DoubleBuffered",
BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance);
aProp.SetValue(lvwControl, true, null);

(when lvwControl is the name of your listview control)

Many thanks Gabriel !!

Get the local DNS server list and keep it up-to-date

Few days ago I was writting an application querying DNS for MX record. Trying to optimize it, I realize I could use the DNS specified for the local computer instead of using a hard-coded one. Then I wonder how to get this DNS server list and, most important, how to keep it up-to-date. Because changing of wi-fi hotspot makes my IP settings (IP Address, Subnet Mask, and… DNS servers) change.
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How to debug your Windows Service ?

Debugging a windows service might be a little bit hard. Because each change in your code implies to uninstall/reinstall the service. A way to avoid this issue is to launch the service from the command line. Then you will be able to add breakpoints in your source, even in the OnStart method…
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